About me

Welcome you all!

My name is Kabir Lamsal, originally from a beautiful mountainous country “NEPAL”. Currently, I am residing in Vancouver, Canada. I would like to welcome you all in my blog “Mero Paribesh”. This blog mainly contains entertainment stuffs like songs, movies and fictional writings. If you would like to suggest or comment anything, Please feel free to contact me at kabirlamsal@gmail.com. I will always appreciate your critical comments, suggestions and ideas to make this blog more readable and entertaining.

Once again, Thank you for visiting us!!

Kabir Lamsal
Vancouver, Canada



20 thoughts on “About me”

  1. nice blog…
    hope to read regular post…
    happy blogging…


  2. praksh deep rai said:

    good job.u r representing us in korea, thats great!how was the true feeling…..wearing nepali dress? ur stunning!


  3. Thanks rai dai,

    I really appreciate your comments. I was overwhelmed by the responses I got in my blog. I will try my best to give something new via my blog. I always welcome your suggestions and criticisms. Once again, Thanks dude for your lovely comments.



  4. Babita Paudel said:

    Hi Kabir
    It is really a nice blog. Ur looooking sooooooooooo great in Nepali dress. Keep it up


  5. Thank You very much for nice comments Babita.


  6. Nabhin Prambha said:

    Talent Dude, I am in Love with you…you are so awsome


  7. good to see you kabir. i missed our school days


  8. Thank u all, for the lovely comments.


  9. namaskar kabir g
    i am happy to visit your site.


  10. नेपालीको लागि यो पनि गर्व को कुरा हो। तपाईंको यो ब्लगले नेपाली को लागि धेरै फाईदा गर्छ भन्ने लागेको छ। समग्रमा भन्नु पर्दा तपाईंको ब्लग राम्रो लाग्यो ।


  11. Nice photo of Gosainkunda
    Subhash Godavari, Nepal


  12. गौरि थापा said:

    मैले भन्नु पर्दा तपाईंको ब्लग राम्रो लाग्यो ।


  13. shiva Bhandari said:

    i liked ur blog kabir


  14. धन्यबाद है साथी..मेरो ब्लग मन पराएकोमा।।।।


  15. bhupendra sharma said:

    Hi Kabir!!
    I found ur blog so interesting and infomative too. I kept some song from ur blog….. really u have done great…

    Bhupendra Sharma Kawasoti,NP


  16. really nice blog great work too. best up luck and keep it up kabir.


  17. Yahan ko ekdamai ramailo ani sundar blog ko lagi dherai dherai badhai cha. Please keep up the good work.


  18. chandra said:

    malai yo blog dherai man paryo,maile chaheko geet haru pauna sake. go ahead…………


  19. nishant sharma said:

    hi,,nice collections but please let me know how to download the nepali songs from your Blog..Please i loved them all..


  20. Ma bhojpur bata aimkumar karki said:

    Ma mearo das parte gaurbe rakchk kina vana


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